Images of Detroit - 1937 to 1949

A little known youtube subscriber uploaded an 11-minute family video, showcasing residential life in the city during and after WWII. Undoubtedly, Detroit as a whole was a much better and safer place than it is today. The era of the blue-collar home owner was in full swing after President Roosevelt's "New Deal" took effect. Making home ownership available for those who previously could not achieve it. War industry rocketed the region out of the Great Depression and into the era of the abundantly prosperous middle class. Detroit would became a sprawling home owner community vs the crowded apartment living associated with cities like NewYork and Chicago. This is due to the huge amount of land that Detroit has to offer. At over 142.9 sq. miles, you could fit Manhattan, Boston and San Francisco inside the borders of the city. At the time of this footage, Detroit was also the 4th largest city by population in the country.

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